The Safety of Secrets

“Written with tremendous narrative velocity, The Safety of Secrets is almost impossible to put down. DeLauné Michel has crafted a story that manages to be several things at once: a hilarious inside look at the fascinating fringes of Hollywood, a nuanced portrait of a friendship and its secrets, and a moving testament to the powerful effects of a destructive mother.”

Dani Shapiro, award-winning, best-selling author of “Devotion”


Aftermath of Dreaming

Aftermath of Dreaming is like a jewelry box containing the precious, beautiful, and sometimes broken pieces of a young woman’s psyche. DeLauné Michel makes a striking debut here, delivering a novel that is as emotionally earnest as it is socially astute.”

Meghan Daum, author “My Misspent Youth” and Op-Ed columnist for The Los Angeles Times


Latest News

DeLauné recently completed her third novel, The Heirs of Grief and Mirth. Check back for more info on that. The critically-acclaimed reading series that she produces, Spoken Interludes, just wrapped up it’s 19th spring season and is looking forward to an exciting one this fall in New York and Los Angeles.

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