After of Dreaming Praise and Review



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“Michel’s crisp writing and keen observations make her a writer to watch.”

 “A promising debut.”

 “DeLauné Michel writes with the voice of a troubled angel, at once painfully funny and devastatingly real. Aftermath of Dreaming stands out as a first novel of both depth and passion, the kind of book readers can’t help love, not just for the joy of fine writing, but for the comfort of recognition. In other words, the author’s heart is as big as her talent.”
   —Jerry Stahl, author “Love Without”

Aftermath of Dreaming is like a jewelry box containing the precious, beautiful, and sometimes broken pieces of a young woman’s psyche. DeLauné Michel makes a striking debut here, delivering a novel that is as emotionally earnest as it is socially astute.”
   —Meghan Daum, author “The Quality of Life Report”

 “A promising novelist with a strong literary pedigree…DeLauné Michel’s Aftermath of Dreaming is rich in insights.”
   —Josh Getlin, Los Angeles Times

 “Mesmerizing, compelling, and deeply moving. A real and rare accomplishment.”
   —Christopher Rice, author “Light Before Day”

 “The ride is enlivened by bits of true brilliance. Yvette has a sharp eye and an observant wit, drawing the reader into her Southern memories.”
   —New Orleans Times-Picayune

 “Aftermath of Dreaming is a terrific read. The writing style is unique and oh-so pleasurable. I especially love the whole free association narrative of the very, very agreeable and funny narrator. I didn’t want the novel to end. It is one of the very few great novels of the last two years. DeLauné Michel is a marvelous writer.
   —Diane Leslie, author “Fleur de Leigh’s Life of Crime”

Aftermath of Dreaming is an ambitious beginning for DeLauné Michel, a romance of high sophistication from a young Baton Rouge native worthy of our attention.”
   —The Baton Rouge Advocate

 “DeLauné Michel’s fine novel Aftermath of Dreaming is a harrowing, bi-coastal meditation on unrequited love and fame. The denizens of Hollywood’s red carpets and New York’s art galleries—who parade through this novel in full voice, boisterously elbowing one another aside—cry out for attention from a writer schooled in southern humor and an appreciation for the grotesque. Michel is just the ticket.
   —Whitney Terrell, author “The King of Kings County”

 “Author DeLauné Michel introduces us to Yvette Broussard—a deliciously intellectual, sensitive beauty with a wicked, yet—blame it on her southern roots—polite wit. Yvette is the most intriguing female heroine of recent fiction.”

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