The Safety of Secrets

“Written with tremendous narrative velocity, The Safety of Secrets is almost impossible to put down. DeLauné Michel has crafted a story that manages to be several things at once: a hilarious inside look at the fascinating fringes of Hollywood, a nuanced portrait of a friendship and its secrets, and a moving testament to the powerful effects of a destructive mother.”

Dani Shapiro, award-winning, best-selling author of “Devotion”


Aftermath of Dreaming

Aftermath of Dreaming is like a jewelry box containing the precious, beautiful, and sometimes broken pieces of a young woman’s psyche. DeLauné Michel makes a striking debut here, delivering a novel that is as emotionally earnest as it is socially astute.”

Meghan Daum, author “My Misspent Youth” and Op-Ed columnist for The Los Angeles Times


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