Aftermath of Dreaming

Other than the problem of waking up screaming in the middle of
the night, life is wonderful for Yvette Broussard. Her jewelry line is
taking off, she’s back with her boyfriend, and best of all, she no
longer thinks about her once-in-a-lifetime love, movie star Andrew
Madden. Until a chance encounter with him changes everything.
Swept up by memories of their complex relationship while juggling
the demands of her sister’s wedding, her jealous male best friend,
and her career, Yvette is plunged into an obsession with Andrew that
ultimately forces her to confront the past she thought she had left
behind. Set against the glittering worlds of Los Angeles and New
York, Aftermath of Dreaming is an incandescent debut that explores
the universal themes of abandonment, forgiveness, and finally letting

“Michel’s crisp writing and keen observations make her a writer to
watch.” -Booklist
“A promising debut.” -Kirkus

“Aftermath of Dreaming is like a jewelry box containing the precious,
beautiful, and sometimes broken pieces of a young woman’s psyche.
DeLauné Michel makes a striking debut here, delivering a novel that
is as emotionally earnest as it is socially astute.” –Meghan Daum,
New York Times bestselling author The Problem with Everything

“The ride is enlivened by bits of true brilliance. Yvette has a sharp
eye and an observant wit, drawing the reader into her Southern
memories.” -New Orleans Times-Picayune

The Safety of Secrets

“Now we’re just alike.” So begins Fiona and Patricia’s friendship that warm autumn morning in first grade in Lake Charles, Louisiana, a friendship made as close as sisters by Fiona’s abusive mother and Patricia’s neglectful one, and by the dreams that the two girls share. Fiona and Patricia’s relationship is a source of strength through their acting careers and marriages in Los Angeles. But when a dark secret from their past begins to emerge, it threatens to destroy not only the bond they share, but everything they have worked for, as well. What happens when your most treasured friendship suddenly seems broken beyond repair? Humorous and poignant, The Safety of Secrets is a beautifully written exploration of bonds forged in childhood and challenged decades later, of dreams fulfilled and the damage that can cause, and of secrets being uncovered and the truth we find inside.

“Written with tremendous narrative velocity, The Safety of Secrets is almost impossible to put down. DeLauné Michel has crafted a story that manages to be several things at once: a hilarious inside look at Hollywood, a nuanced portrait of a friendship, and a moving testament to the powerful effects of a destructive mother.”
Dani Shapiro, award-winning, best-selling author of Inheritance.

“The Safety of Secrets is a beautifully written book that takes you into the mind of a woman attempting the impossible; trying to make marriage, motherhood, friendship and a career as an actress all work in the gladiatorial ring of present day Los Angeles. DeLauné Michel writes with the precision and insight of an x-ray.”
Merrill Markoe, New York Times best-selling writer of We Saw Scenery

“Michel is deeply attuned to the subtleties in women’s friendships, the little nuances that indicate a slight or an attempt at making up for one, and she pays tribute to them with this layered, fluid novel.”

“Michel looks at women’s lives straight on, with an eye for rivalries and love that accompany both friendship and motherhood. Are our secrets ever safe? How do we move on from the unhappy experiences of the past? How do we forgive our mothers, our friends, ourselves? How do we balance the demands of career and motherhood and marriage? These are the questions — ready-made for book club discussions — that DeLauné Michel asks in The Safety of Secrets with sharp wit and painful honesty.”
   –Susan Larson, The New Orleans Times-Picayune 

Readers will be drawn into this story of contemporary LA life infused with remembrances of childhood friendships and coming of age in the South. Michel’s characters are well developed, and she weaves a compelling plot. Highly recommended for all public libraries.
Library Journal

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